Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator Review

The Westinghouse WH7500E portable generator is a great choice for one of the quietest generators available on the market. The unit contains the special Pulse-Flo muffler, allowing for this low noise level. Thanks to its premium iron sleeved engine, the Westinghouse 7500 watt portable generator will last for many years and require extremely little maintenance.

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The Westinghouse generator has a longer run time than many generators, clocking in at 11 hours on a 6.6 gallon tank (at 50% load). In addition, this generator has a 3-year warranty, electrical overload protection, and low oil auto shutoff capability. Using regular unleaded fuel, you’ll easily be able to afford refueling the generator as you use it throughout the year. The generator measures 29 inches in length and 27.5 inches in width, while being 25.5 inches high. It weighs about 211 lbs., making it quite portable once the wheels are added.

When you first get the generator, you’ll receive a wheel kit, handles, bottle of oil, and funnel. There are also basic wrenches and a spark plug wrench. In just 30 minutes, the generator can be set up with one or two people, including oil and gas filling. It is solidly built, with first-class quality control. Its 3-year warranty is longer than most generators, which only have about 1-2 years.

The Westinghouse 7500 watt portable generator has a one-touch electric start system and a clean, simple-to-use control panel. Even if you’ve never used a generator before, you will easily know what to do with the Westinghouse thanks to its intuitive design. The panel will inform you when the gas is getting low, so your generator can quickly be refueled.

Some of the distinguishing features of Westinghouse portable generators include the company’s flawless customer service, ergonomic design, and 150+ years of experience in power generation, giving Westinghouse an excellent reputation. Their manufacturing and R&D is done entirely in North America, delivering progressively better power and more efficient technology with each generator iteration. Westinghouse is a subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Company, a top power and electricity management firm that dates back to the 1800s. Westinghouse portable generators truly stand the test of time and reputation.

The Westinghouse 7500 watt portable generator is blue, sturdy, and built to last. It includes five sockets, where most others give only three or four outlets. The Westinghouse contains 4 x 5-20R 120 volt sockets and dual outlet plugs which go right into transfer switches with a unique toggle style breaker switch. For every two outlets, there’s a single push type reset circuit breaker, something entirely unique to this unit. The 7500E contains 9000 peak wattage with 7500 running watts, a 420cc OHV Engine, an LCD run hour meter, and 10 inch no-flat solid wheels. An excellent workshop generator, boat power choice, or simply a backup to keep in your garage for stormy weather, the Westinghouse 7500 watt portable generator will serve your power needs for years without fail.

If you have any problems, call Westinghouse customer service and you’ll be connected right away with an extremely knowledgeable rep. Unlike many companies who outsource customer service, Westinghouse is known for their ability to deliver quality components and customer service together, making sure everyone who buys a generator leaves happy – and stays that way.

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