Westinghouse WH6500E Portable Generator Review

The Westinghouse WH6500E portable generator offers a premium unit that’s simple to use, quiet, and powerful. This unit boasts an extremely high value-for-money rating, coming in at just under $700.

Made by the American company Westinghouse, who boasts an impeccable reputation for stellar quality and development. You’ll also receive a 3-year-long warranty with this unit. Below is a simple 6500 watt portable generator review that will help you get started.

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The Westinghouse WH6500E features an extremely high power output of 8000 starting and 6500 running watts. You can power your entire home for several hours and rest assured that even in severe storms, your house will remain warm and well-lit. The generator features a 420cc OHV engine, sleeved in cast iron and made to be extremely durable. Additionally, the unit features a one-touch electric start so you don’t have to pull a cord. Once you order the generator, you will receive tires, a full tool-kit, one gallon of oil, a funnel, and high-leverage handles to get started. Assembly can be done by one person and won’t take more than a few minutes. If you have looked at similar 6500 watt portable generator review sites, you might have noticed that other generators don’t come with such an easy set-up.

Thanks to its all-steel construction and encased connection points, Westinghouse’s WH6500E is able to weather even the most demanding environments. Featuring 2 120 volt circuit breakers, a Nema twist lock connector, as well as color indicated touchpoints, this unit is designed so that you can quickly use it, transport, and store it. The Westinghouse features a three position touch screenwhich provides for easy startup. The engine will run up to 13 hours at 50% load, and holds 6.6 gallons in the tank.

Westinghouse’s advanced research and development teams, based in North America, have proven time and again to lead the forefront of engineering. 6500 watt portable generator review sites usually discuss Chinese, Japanese, or other outsourced generators. But at Westinghouse, teams continue to iterate on increased electrical output and decreased fuel consumption using high efficiency, low loss alternator laminations. The unit is capable of automatic voltage regulation, providing consistent and high-efficiency voltage control. Thanks to its fan guard, the unit will not overheat and will continue to operate safely.

The no-flat wheels will pivot extremely well once you’ve attached them. Since the unit weighs about 200 lbs., handles and wheels are essential. Moving the generator on a steep incline is made easy, thanks to this premium wheel technology.

To determine the best generator for your usage, first figure out the starting watts required for the item you’ll want to power. This is because certain appliances with electric motors require specific surge wattage at startup that could be more than the normal running wattage amount. Keep in mind that surge watts required for your appliances will need additional wattage to start them. A microwave, for example, requires 800 running watts, while a furnace fan requires 900 running and 1100 surge watts. The best 6500 watt portable generator review sites will undoubtedly include the WH6500E as one of their featured choices.

Ultimately, this unit is a fantastic generator for the price. It’s quiet and will run consistently for years. If you experience problems, Westinghouse’s impeccable customer service will quickly assist and ensure you are 100% satisfied. Known for both great products and helpful representatives, Westinghouse allows you to rest assured that you have someone to call should anything go wrong.

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