Westinghouse WH5500 Portable Generator Review

Looking for a powerful, well built, easy to use and maintain portable generator? The Westinghouse WH5500 portable generator is a great choice for the price and should run for many hours. Powered by gasoline, this unit puts out 5500 watts of continuous power.

With a 14-hour run time and a 6.6 gallon tank, this generator is great for a backup source in a power outage, or just using during the day at your job to power various devices. Westinghouse has repeatedly set the standard for powerful, cost-efficient generators, and choosing one of their models is a good way to ensure that your power needs will be covered in the event of a power emergency.

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Other important features of this generator include its quiet noise level, its reliable startup, and its gas-efficiency. The generator offers 6750 watts of surge output for powering more demanding devices, though it is not CARB compliant. Be sure to take this into account when selecting a generator.

The Westinghouse WH5500 portable generator, like its many smaller counterparts, uses an overhead valve engine design to get maximum performance. With forged pistons and connecting rods, oil consumption is reduced to a minimum. It contains 5 120-volt plugs and 23 amps. You won’t need to mix gas and oil — you only need to add oil when the levels get low (and the generator will let you know when this occurs). It also features a low oil shutdown switch. While the generator is about 168 pounds, it does features wheels so you can move it around without too much trouble.

The design of the control panel is quite intuitive. If you have never used a generator before, that’s not a problem, because the Westinghouse panel is easy to use. You can see the engine control switch, the main circuit breaker, and the outlets to supply power labeled by voltage. Before you start the generator, be sure that it is placed on a level surface and that it is grounded thoroughly. Also turn the fuel shut off valve to on, while turning engine control to run. You can shut it down by simply pushing the engine control switch to stop and shutting off the fuel valve.

When selecting a portable generator, be sure to plug in a carbon monoxide detector. You want to be sure you don’t have dangerous levels of exhaust floating around your garage or house. Also consider pricing for portable generators, as they run about $500 for smaller units to $1500 for larger units. As with Westinghouse’s generators, having a manual transfer switch on the main circuit panel can help a lot with powering whole circuits in the house and not just appliances by themselves. But do be sure to call an electrician before doing so.

Ultimately, the Westinghouse WH5500 portable generator is quiet, portable, easy to refuel, safe, and has a 3-year warranty to ensure maximum reliability. Consider that periodic maintenance will be required to keep your generator in premium condition. As Westinghouse has a reputation for producing premium-quality generators, you can be sure this model will give you the best bang for your buck if you choose to order it.

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