Westinghouse 10KPRO Portable Generator Review

The Westinghouse 10K Pro Portable Generator is one of the best models for someone who is looking for a powerful generator that can handle the greatest demands. In the event of a power outage, for work-site capability, or for camping trips, this generator is a fantastic choice for anyone regardless of experience using such units. This machine is built for durability, reliability, and repeated use. In our Westinghouse 10KPRO portable generator review, we’ll discuss the features provided in this unit.

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Engine and Fuel Tank

Featuring a 680cc OHV CARB-compliant engine, this model comes with a wheel kit to help you transport it wherever you need to get. The engine is surrounded by steel caging, protecting it from damage from impact. If you have to move your generator a lot to transport it to and from work, or within industrial capacity, you’ll need this type of protection to keep it safe. The fuel tank, which will run for about 11 hours at 50% load, hold 9 gallons. This generator is electric start, so you won’t need to worry about a pull cord. The battery and charger ship with the unit.

Starting and Running Wattage

This generator starts 12,500 watts, and runs at 10,000 continuous watts. Its low-oil shutdown capability protects the motor from shorting out if there is not enough oil to power the unit. This unit comes with four outlets, all protected by a full-panel GFCI. In addition, weather covers protect these outlets so that if you’re taking the generator on site, no damage will occur. The unit ships with accessories such as a U-shaped lifting kit, tool kit, oil, and battery charger.

Warranty and Customer Service

The generator is backed by a 2-year warranty. Westinghouse is known for their excellent customer service and will provide on-site repairs, maintenance, and support in the event that something goes wrong with the generator. The unit automatically conserves fuel and provides a unique quick fuel-drain system, so that when you’re ready to put the generator away, you can easily drain out any remaining gas to be used for another device.

Determining Your Wattage Needs

To determine if the device is right for your needs, calculate your basic wattage needs using a wattage calculator. For example, light bulbs use 100 running watts, while a well pump uses 1000. Radios use 200, and garage door openers use 550. Adding up all your wattage needs using a wattage calculator is a great way to determine how much power you’ll need.

Additional Features

The unit has oil splash engine lubrication, manual fuel shut off, manual choke, and EPA-efficient exhaust emissions. It will run entirely on regular unleaded fuel, so you won’t need a special type of fuel to power it. Its outlet protection is circuit breaker based, but be sure you consult a technician or professional electrician if you’re considering adding new types of circuits or doing anything outside the regular instruction manual’s guidelines. Also, be sure to keep the generator within a safe distance form your house to avoid carbon monoxide exposure. Additionally, this generator contains a unique Pulse-Flo technology that creates one of the quietest generators available on the market.


With everything you need to get started right away after receiving your unit, including box-wheel and handle kit, funnel, and tool kit, this is one of the most powerful offerings from Westinghouse — one that is sure to provide great power for all your backup needs. Hopefully, our Westinghouse 10KPRO portable generator review has provided the necessary guidelines to help you determine if this model will suit your wattage and power needs.



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