Westinghouse Generators

Introduction to Westinghouse Generators

In this introduction to Westinghouse generators, we will look at some of the company’s main features. The Westinghouse series of generators has been proven to stand the test of time for years on end. A top distributor of portable generators, Westinghouse models use specialized inverter technology. This type of technology regulates the generator in such a way that it will only deliver power to appliances that are directly hooked up to the generator. So the generator will only use as much power as necessary to power whatever is connected to it, such as a television or computer. Its newest models of portable generator run for 13 hours at 50% load.

Westinghouse first started their generator system in 1886, when they began using an alternating current electrical system. Their history of research and design is one of powerful, safe, and reliable generators. Even if you are faced with a massive power outage or a daylong worksite project that requires heavy demands to power various appliances, Westinghouse won’t fail. As a thorough introduction to Westinghouse generators will explain, the company provides premium quality above all else.

Their CARB-compliant 10K Pro generator features remote start, quick fuel drain, and a full cage frame made of steel to protect the generator should it be banged against a hard surface. The engines vary from 4000 watts to over 12000, depending on your usage needs, for rated and starting. Westinghouse generators feature very low fuel consumption thanks to their low-idle control technology and they are very quiet. Thanks to new digital information control panel technology, you can easily see fuel levels, oil levels, what’s connected to your generator, and how much power you have left. Additionally, if you’ve never used a generator before, this is one of the most user-friendly models to start out with thanks to Westinghouse’s innovative, intuitive design.

Westinghouse also includes automatic voltage regulation for power supply consistency. Even if you add more devices, the machine will hold up without any problems. Its Pulse-Flo muffler is what ensures the quiet noise levels, and the numerous amount of sockets that Westinghouse models include make them great for power output and features.

What you might notice about Westinghouse generators is that they have electric starts, but are backed up by normal recoil starts if you need to use the old-fashioned way. A unique system of compression release, designed to be as effective as possible, along with transistorized ignition, provide for very smooth starts. Thanks to Westinghouse’s cast iron fan guard installations, you can be sure the unit will be safe as well.

In the end, Westinghouse has produced a line of generators that offer great performance, easy setup and maintenance, and nice quiet running noise levels. They are durable, versatile, and provide a ton of power. Keep in mind that these units may be on the heavy side, but wheel kits are included with the company’s models so you can still attach wheels and port it around wherever you need to. Getting a smaller generator might be a good investment for basic generator needs, especially if you plan on taking your unit out to work or on a camping trip. As we have seen in this introduction to Westinghouse generators, for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable generator, Westinghouse makes it hard to go wrong.