WEN 56551 5500 Watt Portable Generator Review

There may have been a time that power outages signaled the onset of blackness and cold for you and your family. But now, nature can’t throw you for a loop when you have a WEN 56551 5500-watt portable generator in your possession. With a power-packed 5500 surge watts and 5000 running, this is a unit that will keep your basement warm and your meat frozen.

Even in the worst of weather, its powerful engine will give you what you need to keep your house running smoothly. In our WEN 56551 5500 Watt portable generator review, we’ll explain precisely which features are included in this powerful little unit.

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Warranty, Parts, and Labor

Like all Wen Generators, this unit has a 2 year limited warranty, which covers parts and labor and repairs. This is one great feature of the generator, as you want to know you’ll be protected if anything goes wrong. Additionally, if you need to order new parts and accessories, WEN makes it easy on the website with the direct lookup feature. Parts are laid out by picture, name and number.

The WEN comes with normal maintenance parts like air filter replacements and recoil starter rope. This powerful unit includes a spark arrestor, as well as an automatic voltage regulator to make sure you’re receiving clean, safe power. As you power up the unit, you’ll see the low-oil shut-down safeguard when the oil gets low, as well as a digital hour counter to tell you how long the power will last for. As you plug in devices on the control panel, you’ll see power indicator lights to let you know if the outlets are in use.

Engine and Power Features

The WEN unit features a 379cc Non-CARB compliant engine, which provides 5500 surge/5000 running watts. Its fuel tank, which holds a little over 6 gallons, runs for 11 hours at 50% load. With its included wheel and handle kit, the unit can easily be ported wherever you need — and you’ll only need one person to do so.

Users report that the power output is very easy to find and use, as all models come with four 5-20R 12V DC outlets as ell as one L 14-30R outlet. In addition, the control panel is easy to navigate, with informational text explaining precisely where each device should be plugged in. Even if you’ve never used a generator before, WEN makes it easy with this machine.

Noise and Price Range

While this unit does not feature an electric start, it can often be started with a single pull. One thing to note is that this unit runs at about 74 decibels, which is a bit on the louder side, but with a bit of muffling and placing the generator far enough from your house, that shouldn’t be an issue. These models are very well priced, running between $500-600 depending on which retailer you choose to purchase from.


This model is great for powering your home devices during an outage, for making sure your construction tools are ready to go at the worksite, or for camping trips. It’s simple to move and has plenty of power, and the engine will never be damaged by running too long thanks to its low oil automatic shut-down feature. This is a great little generator for anyone in need of a basic unit with plenty of power, reliability, and wattage. Hopefully our WEN 56551 5500 Watt portable generator review has helped you decide if this is the right unit for your needs.

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