WEN 56352 Portable Generator Review

For a medium-weight generator that will run for hours on end, the WEN 56352 portable generator is a great choice to get started. It will produce 3000 running watts and 3500 starting watts, making it a great way to power your house in the event of an emergency. The generator will also power basic equipment in your garage, at a camping site, or at an RV encampment. For a basic generator that is affordable, lightweight, and runs smoothly for a long time, the WEN is a great choice.

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The WEN 56352 portable generator has a 208cc 7HP OHV engine that uses gas to power it. It will run at 3600 rpm and isn’t at all loud. The electric ignition system ensures that you won’t have to tug away at the cord for hours on end trying to start the unit; instead, just press a button on the user-friendly control panel to get started. It contains two 120v NEMA plugs and a DC 12V car plug that will ensure you can power all your devices while avoiding overloads. To fuel the generator, you will need unloaded gas. The tank holds 4 gallons and runs for 11 hours at a 505% load. Typically, gas and oil can be mixed at the usual 10W-30 ratio.

You might need a generator like the WEN to power emergency situations like storms, power outages, and sudden blackouts. Additionally, you can take the generator to your work site to power as many tools as you’ll need for at least a full day of work. The control panel is very easy to read, showing you how much power it has left and when you need to add oil or gas. As you plug in another unit, power lights will go off to show that power is being distributed to that outlet.

WEN recommends that with each use, you should check the fuel and oil. For every 50 hours of use, change the oil and clean the air filter. Be sure to call a professional if you are wiring a transfer switch to your house to be sure you’re doing it safely. Also, the WEN 56352 portable generator contains a 2-year warranty that covers replacement parts and labor should anything go wrong. You won’t have to worry if a part breaks down — just call WEN’s helpful customer service to get a replacement part and a representative out on site to help. If you need help finding the part that has broken, check the WEN website which has a quick lookup area to determine which part you need to replace.

Because this generator is so good on gas and small and portable, many customers love the WEN. Many reviewers agree that the WEN 56352 portable generator will power all their devices for hours on end. WEN’s customer service representatives also receive 5 stars thanks to their helpful, quick response time. WEN will just send someone out to help when a part breaks down, or they’ll send replacement parts free of charge. The company wants to ensure that every customer’s needs are met and premium satisfaction is ensured.

With its low noise level, affordable price, excellent portability, and easy storage capability, the WEN 56352 portable generator makes a great starting unit for anyone looking to buy a backup power source.

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