WEN Generators

Introduction to WEN Generators

WEN generators immediately bring to mind the top producers of portable generators. In this introduction to WEN generators, we’ll discuss the main 4 generators this company has built a name for. These include optimal design, premium wattage offering, and low noise during usage, as well as premium fuel efficiency.

The four main models of WEN generators include the WEN 3500, the WEN 5500, the WEN 7000, and the WEN 9000. Each generator’s name corresponds to the number of watts it produces at regular surge wattage. This means your running wattage will be slightly lower for each unit; it’s wise to research surge wattage and continuous wattage for the generator you want to buy. At the largest end, the WEN 9000 gives you 7000 watts with 9000 at surge and runs for 9 hours on a 6.5 gallon fuel tank.

WEN generators use top-notch OHV engines with a 4-stroke single cylinder design. The forced air-cooling system ensures that they run quietly, safely, and effectively. The smaller WEN units run using E-Z Pull cords while the upper end ones are electric start. The wheel kit is provided with each WEN system so even if you’re hauling around a smaller unit, you still have the option of simply pulling it as it rolls along. The never flat tires featured within WEN’s systems ensure that it can be taken anywhere, even deep into the countryside on a camping trip. As any thorough introduction to WEN generators will point out, the company‚Äôs units are dependable, sturdy, and built to last.

WEN systems use a spark arrestor design, making sure that you aren’t running a big noisy system while your neighbors are trying to sleep. Thanks to its 2-year warranty, the WEN system will be easy to maintain and care for and should anything go wrong, you can easily get a repair person out to help. The one problem with WEN generators is that they aren’t CARB compliant, so you might not be able to use them on certain mountain ranges or camping areas within the far western states. But in general, WEN units can be used anywhere.

Other features included on all WEN generators are the digital hour meter, large tank capacity, 120 volt outlets (the number of which varies depending on what model you choose), and the long running time. As power gets low, the WEN will let you know using its premium auto shutoff technology.

When selecting a WEN generator, be sure to consider your wattage needs. How many appliances will you be powering? Where do you plan to take the generator? To figure out your wattage needs, add up everything you’ll be using — microwave, freezer, sump pumps, laptops, etc. — and then multiple by 1.5 which will give you the total number of watts you will need to start and power your appliances. Also make sure to have a carbon monoxide detector and keep the generator far from your house so that you avoid exposure to poisonous carbon monoxide that is emitted from certain gas engines.

As this introduction to WEN generators discusses, the purchase of a portable unit for camping trips, job needs, or simple power backups is a great choice for anyone regardless of skill level. Having a generator on hand will give you the peace of mind that you can always power any appliance you need, whether the power is on or off.