Review of the SunSocket Solar Generator

If you’re looking for a great way to power your appliances just from the natural power of the sun, a solar generator is the best option. Even in overcast conditions, solar generators are able to soak up plenty of power while providing an eco-friendly option.

If you’re camping, needing a work-site generator, or simply want an emergency source of off-grid power for your home, a solar generator is a good choice. They’re also very lightweight, so you can easily pack them up and port them wherever you’re heading.

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The SunSocket Solar Generator

The SunSocket Solar Generator is a special heavy-duty generator that uses the latest certified SOLTRAX sun-tracking technology. Combined with a high-efficiency solar battery bank, this is a powerful generator that will keep your appliances running just from the sun’s rays.

Unique SOLTRAX Sun-tracking Technology

The generator’s unique SOLTRAX technology is the only generator on the market that has sun-tracking technology. When you unpack the device and turn it on, the solar panels will actually follow the sun as it moves throughout the day. Its monocrystalline 60-watt solar panels will position themselves automatically to make sure you’re receiving maximum sun exposure all day long.

In addition, the dual-function solar power generator uses cells that are stored within the portable power bank battery.

Battery Charging Capabilities

This battery will charge by itself in just 5 hours — even if it isn’t fully exposed to the sun. Many laptop computers will actually run for more than 4 hours just off the battery itself. This powerful lithium phosphate battery uses lighter and safer forms of rechargeable power supplies and will last more than 2 times what normal solar batteries would. Being extremely small and compact, the generator is also very portable.

Look and Feel of the SunSocket

This generator looks extremely high tech upon unboxing it. It actually contains a metal case to hide the solar panels and keep them safe when not in use. It weighs about 25 pounds and can sit idle for as many years as you aren’t using it — but then charge right back up again when you’re ready. The system is totally self-contained; there are no cords involved. When you flip open the panel and slide out the solar wings, the panels will start tracking the sun. So the battery will be fully charged in about 5 hours.

USB Plugs, Charge Meter, and 100-watt Inverter for Multiple Device Charging

This generator has a 100-watt inverter that includes a 12-volt plug and multiple USB plugs. It also has a charge meter to see how much power you have left. This unit can definitely power small phones and tablets for more than 25 hours — and you can also plug in more powerful appliances for a bit less power time. If you put it at the full 100-wattage load, it will run for about 4 hours with both panels and battery attached. At just $1499, this unit is powerful and affordable — and very portable, since it’s so light.


The SunSocket is definitely a game charger for portable solar generators. Thanks to its unique sun tracking technology, you will never need to reposition the panels ever again. This is a generator that will last for years and be extremely easy to carry wherever you need to take it. You can plug in any USB devices you’d like; phone, iPad, laptop, or anything else. A fantastic and affordable generator, the SunSocket is a great choice for eco-conscious consumers.

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