Yamaha EF2400iSHC Inverter Generator Review

The Yamaha EF2400ISHC portable inverter generator is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a basic generator to power the house in the event of an outage. Additionally, if you want a generator to take to the job, or to have on camping trips and other outings, it also does pretty well on that front too.

The Yamaha generator is quiet, efficient, and easy to port from one spot to the other. In this Yamaha EF2400iSHC inverter generator review, we’ll look at some of the features of this unit.

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Engine and Specs

This generator hosts a 171cc OHV engine that, like most generators, is 4 stroke. The unit contains 2400 starting watts and 2000 running watts. This generator can power your basic appliances at home like microwave, stove, a sump pump, computer, and A/C. It contains unique pulse width modulation technology that protects sensitive electronics like laptops and TVs.

As with most generators, this one has a pull-start cord and gets going right away. The generator has a very intuitive power panel with 2 120V outlets and a 12V DC outlet. Thanks to its being an inverter generator, it’s quiet by default, only producing about 53 to at most 59 decibels. So if you are out camping, you won’t disturb your neighbors while using it.

Price and Warranty

While the price of this unit is a bit higher at $1300, ordering online is a great way to get it cheaper. And since the unit is so durable, it’s worth the price. It also contains a 3 year warranty so if any parts break or you need to service it, a repair person can get out to help you right away, covered by the warranty.

As an inverter generator, this unit has high current output to increase its motor starting ability. The smart throttle technology contained in this generator will regulate the engine speed to ensure it doesn’t put out more power than the appliance needs — resulting in much better gas efficiency. It does use gas, by the way; as with most generators, you will need to fuel it. But as an inverter generator, compared to a regular generator, you will definitely be putting in less fuel over the long run. Its fuel capacity is 1.6 gallons and it will run for 4-5 hours at half load. It weighs 75 pounds so you can carry it as one person without much trouble. One thing that a thorough Yamaha EF2400iSHC inverter generator review will include is the unit’s efficiency, as it will only run until the fuel gets to a certain point and then will notify the owner it’s time to refuel.

CARB Compliance and Noise Levels

Other features of the Yamaha generator include the fact that it is CARB compliant, built quite sturdily, produces eco-friendly power, and it is backed by numerous other high ratings from satisfied customers. Many happy buyers have stated that this unit is one of the best for under $2000. You pay a bit more for inverter technology, but the generator lasts longer, runs quieter, and it has low oil shutoff so that in the event of oil getting too low, you won’t risk any damage to the generator.


In the end, this generator is a lot less than similar Honda generators and its easy design, quiet noise level, and high portability make it a good choice for anyone looking for a backup power source. It’s also powerful enough to take on trips to the construction site, on camping adventures, or simply to use as an alternate power source at home when you need that extra boost. Hopefully, this Yamaha EF2400iSHC inverter generator review has helped you make a decision on which unit to obtain for your power needs.

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