Review of the Generac 6866 iQ2000 Portable Inverter Generator

The latest addition to Generac’s high quality generator line, the Generac 6866 iQ2000 is a powerful inverter gas generator that is also extremely quiet. After extensive testing, it has been proven to run more quietly than all other similar generators, including honda. Whether your needs are for hunting, camping, tailgating, or simply as a source of backup power, this is a great little generator to last many years.

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LED Dashboard, 3 Speeds, and Parallel Capability

In addition to an LED dashboard that features fuel level and wattage usage, it is extremely lightweight and compact, making it easy to travel with. You can use it at 3 different engine speeds, depending on your need for power. You can also parallel link it to another generator to get more power.

Generator Specifications

The generator is 20 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 17 inches high. It weighs it at just 46 pounds, meaning one person can easily tote it around. With an engine displacement of 79cc and a fuel tank that holds 1.06 gallons, it will last for many hours at a time. The motor is a powerful 4-stroke OHV, while the unit has a rated wattage of 1600 running and 5000 starting. It will run for 5.7 hours at half load, and over 7 hours at quarter load.

in addition, the intuitive Power Dial feature helps to combine its starting, running and stop functions into a basic dial you can use all in one area. The Power Bar shows how much wattage is being used, and its low oil shutdown prevents the engine from damage if your oil levels get too low. The unit also contains a fully functional fuel level status indicator, showing just how much run time is left. Generac tested this model for more than 5 years to perfect it. At only 55 decibels, it is much quieter than Hondas, along with easy portability and lightweight design.

Unique Invertor Generator Design vs. Conventional Generators

In essence, there are a few key differences between inverter generators and conventional ones. Inverter generators take power from fixed DC sources such as car batteries or solar panels. They use interior circuits to invert power from DC to AC, which can then be used at any voltage necessary. Inverters are a relatively recent advancement in the generator market, having been recently brought to development by advanced circuitry and magnets.

Why You Might Want an Inverter Generator

You might want an inverter generator if you need a smaller and more lightweight unit. They are easier to transport and store than traditional generators. They are also quieter than conventional generators, as well as more eco-friendly, as they put out less exhaust/emissions. Since they can be parallel connected to other generators, they are not necessarily less powerful – just smaller, quieter, and more efficient.


In the end, it’s hard to go wrong with the Generac 6866 iQ2000 portable inverter generator. It’s powerful, small, quiet, and lightweight. It’s also very inexpensive considering its numerous capabilities. You can get it online for a discount depending on which store you order through. No matter what your power needs, this little unit is sure to be able to provide plenty of wattage.

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