Honda EU2000i Portable Inverter Generator Review

The Honda EU2000i portable inverter generator is highly rated for those seeking a portable, quiet generator. It features a light, fuel-efficient, quiet engine and can run a small trailer’s power needs. As an inverter generator, it converts AC to DC power, then converts this power once more to AC in order to create surge-free currents. This generator is a great choice for anyone seeking a small, lightweight unit.

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If the generator overloads, it will shut off by itself, preventing serious power damage. If you need to charge batteries it has a DC outlet as well and can power computers and TVs without trouble, thanks to its innovative surge-free technology. The Honda EU2000i portable inverter generator features easy pull starting and is considered one of the quietest models on the market, with a manufacturer claim of 59 decibels at 1/4 load. For 8 hours, the unit will run for only one gallon of gas. At a weight of only 45 lbs., it can be carried easily by one person. The engine is a 98.5cc Honda GX100, with a residential and commercial warranty of 3 years. This 3 year warranty covers anything that might go wrong with the unit.

If you need to power your fridge, hair dryer, or small AC system, the Honda generator can do so without any problem. This is a great unit for camping, on your job site, or at home. It is also protected by Oil Alert, Honda’s innovative system for shutting the engine down when your oil gets low. This unit is very easy to use and has an integrated ergonomic handle, allowing its owner to port the generator anywhere desired. Thanks to its high rated load capability, the Honda EU2000i portable inverter generator has a 2000W running capacity and is very easy to maintain. Its price runs around just $999, making it both portable and affordable.

Another great feature of this generator is its parallel capability. If you want to add a second generator and connect them, you can get up to 4000 watts of power if you need to fuel your entire house during an outage. The control panel is intuitive, easy to use, and user-friendly. At the upper left side you will notice an eco throttle switch as well as two operation outlets of 120V AC out. A bit further down, you’ll see the ground terminal connector which will let you connect any of your home appliances and get them going right away. There is also a push button circuit protector to charge up your batteries as quickly as you need.

The bottom line: the Honda EU2000i portable inverter generator will make a great addition to anyone who needs a backup power source in storms or simply wants to have a portable power source on hand. It’s affordable, reliable, fuel-efficient, and quiet. Thanks to its user-friendly control panel, you can plug in any device you wish safely and efficiently. The generator makes an excellent choice as a first time generator or a unit to add to your current collection on camping trips or job outings where you need a bit of extra power for the day.

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