Champion Power Equipment 46596 Review

Buying a portable generator can be a difficult decision. There are many models on the market, and they all have their own benefits, quirks, and specialties. The following Champion Power Equipment 46596 review will highlight some of the advantages of choosing this particular model.

If you will be using your generator as a backup power source vs. a transportable wattage supplier at your construction or camping site, for example, you’ll need to be aware of different factors. Here are the main pros and cons of the Champion Power Equipment 46596 generator.

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The Champion supplies 3500 watts of continuous power and 4000 surge watts. It can power your home lighting equipment, TV, and sump pump, as well as a fridge and micro. At 50% load, the unit will run for 12 hours, and is powered by a 196cc OHV engine. It has a 120V outlet and a 120V Twistlock receptacle, as well as overload protection and a voltmeter. The Champion unit is covered by a 2 year limited warranty as well as one of Champion’s defining features: lifetime technical support. Unlike other companies who offer only yearly technical support that experiences when the warranty does, this company will continue to help you no matter when you need.

The engine will shut down when oil gets low, and includes a cut off sensor to prevent engine startup if the oil level is too low, as well. The unit’s unique push-to-reset circuitry system prevents electrical overloads. It also includes an output voltage display on the main control panel, which is very easy to read. As this Champion Power Equipment 46596 review points out, having a good control panel is critical.

The unit weighs about 97 pounds and has a separate wheel kit. While most people can probably carry the unit solo, you might want to obtain the wheel kit if you plan to be porting it around quite a bit. This unit does produce slightly louder sound than some other similar generators ranking in at 68 decibels. It is also not CARB compliant so you cannot run or use it in California. However it is also rated about 4.50-5 stars on Amazon, making it one of the better generators among buyers.

Deciding to buy a generator can be tricky. You’ll need to think about how much gas will cost, and how much the generator itself costs — and how much you have to spend. The key is to find a unit with wattage appropriate to your usage. To figure out usage, determine the number of appliances you’ll need to power at the same time. You can find wattage ratings on the tags of your home devices. Then add them up and multiply by 1.5, which will give you the max amount of wattage you need.


You’ll also want to make sure you have heavy-duty exterior extension cords available to power your units. The Champion generator has a specialized panel wired into the house’s normal electrical unit, which isolates circuits to be powered. So you need to be careful that you’ve appropriately chosen extension cords to plug into your generator. Ask a representative at Champion or at your local hardware store if you aren’t sure.

In the end, the Champion is a great, fairly portable unit to power your home backup needs or to take out to tailgate parties. It will provide sturdy, reliable use for years to come. Hopefully, our Champion Power Equipment 46596 review has helped you decide if it’s right for you.


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