DuroStar Generators

Introduction to DuroStar Generators

If you’re looking for a basic introduction to DuroStar generators, there are certain features which distinguish this brand. The units are made not just for those who are budget-conscious, but also for individuals who want a powerful and long-lasting generator. While you might just be concerned about having a backup power source in times of trouble, these generators are also good for camping trips, providing power during your day job, or simply keeping in the garage to supply power to various devices.

DuroStar generators are numerous in size and power, but two of the most popular are the 10,000-watt generator and the 4000 watt generator. The smaller 4000-watt generator delivers 7HP, 4000 watts, and provides power to every appliance in your home even in extreme outages. The unit has the same power panel as its 10,000-watt counterpart but its run time is 8 hours at 50% load. In addition to its powerful engine, the generator is very quiet thanks to the inbuilt muffler technology provided by DuroStar and its unique frame mounting. DuroStar has reliably delivered quality, power, and efficiency in its generators over many years. A thorough introduction to DuroStar generators includes information on their ability to withstand the test of time even after many uses.

The 10,000-watt generator is a great solution for just about anyone who’s looking for a portable DuroStar, on the other hand. Its tank holds 8.3 gallons and the unit contains a 16HP OHV engine, which is CARB compliant. Thanks to its heavy-duty frame and isolated motor mounts, the unit is extremely quiet even though it’s very large and powerful. The 10,000-watt model provides an electric start, making it very easy for anyone to get up and running. It also has never-flat tires, stow away handles, and a reasonably-sized chassis, making it very portable.

Additionally, both DuroStar generators have a 1-year warranty and 30 day replacement period. This means that if anything goes wrong with the unit, all you need to do is call up DuroStar and they’ll replace your parts or send out a technician.

When you’re thinking of buying a generator, some things to think about are the wattage, battery offerings, and the ability to hold up under pressure. Generators are usually sold by how many watts they require to start devices and how much power they provide (continuous usage). Try using a wattage calculator to add up all your home appliance needs. As far as batteries go, not all generators offer compatibility with batteries, so be sure the unit you choose offers this features. And certain generators will fail under large power demands, so it’s important to choose a model that can hold up under serious power requirements.

Additionally, it is important to think about the generator’s fuel requirements. A generator that runs steadily throughout the day will use 8 to 22 gallons of gas. If you buy fuel and stock up before a storm, that’s one way to power your generator through difficult times, but it can be hard to store all that gas in your garage (and possibly dangerous in the event of a fire). Portable generators are a good choice when you’re just getting started with your first generator, though; they are affordable and will run in lots of different situations. As this introduction to DuroStar generators has explained, their units are powerful, efficient, quiet, and fuel-efficient.